[scientific research] strategy development in low cost housing industry in bogor area

Developing Low Cost House is an important issue in most of big cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta.

There are two things that make this issue important, the economic effect of this business and providing houses for the low income people. Theoretically this industry should be an interesting business opportunity, but the fact shows the different condition. There is tendency that the players are leaving this industry, numbers of low cost housing developers do not develop or construct any low cost housing anymore. This problem needs to be solved because this is an important issue both for economic growth and social matters.

Defining an appropriate strategy is one of the important things for the company to survive in its industry. And to define this strategy, it is important to know the key success factors in its industry. To define the key success factors, data were collected from existing real estate developers and then analyzed to define the Key Success Factors by grouping the most important factors, both internal and external factors, in the perception of the existing business player in this industry. The result showed that the key success factors in developing low cost housing ini Indonesia are: Land Acquisition, Location and Strategic Plan. By knowing the key success factors the appropriate strategy in this industry can be well defined.

The comparison of this strategy and the existing corporate strategy of PT. Rhifico Jaya Putra as a case study showed that the company had a wrong direction of strategy compare to strategy needed in this industry. Further revision of the corporate strategy of PT. Rhifico Jaya Putra is needed to survive in this industry.

Jakarta, Desember 2008


Disusun sebagai persyaratan menyelesaikan Program

Magister Manajemen di Universitas Trisakti

Master of Business Administration di Maastricht School of Management, Netherlands.


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