[scientific research] pengembangan pendekatan indeks resiko dalam system penjadwalan proyek konstruksi gedung tinggi

Well-planned & well designed construction project do not guarantee that the out come of the construction process will be as expected or hoped for.

There is possibility during construction process something can happen that make an adverse deviation from desired outcome. This possibility that may happen during construction process is a construction risk.

The general objective of this study is to analyze this construction risk which consisted of risk identification process and risk quantification process. This analysis had two types of observations, which are time risk observation and budget risk observation.

In the risk quantification process, degree of risk was measured by the probability of the adverse deviation. The probability was measured by sampling technique, which the respondents were limited to the experts who had experiences in high risk building construction project. And statistic method was applied to analyze validity of the data, which would be implemented to the case study. The final process of the study is to implement risk index to the case study, which is Kuningan Office Park Project in Jakarta.

Result of study indicated the level of the risk for both time risk observation and budget risk observation. It is indicated that several activities had the highest level of the risk for both observations and it meant that those activities are critical and had the highest probability of the adverse deviation. This study also proves the possibility to provide or prepare this kind of risk analysis before the construction period, because all of information to prepare this risk analysis was available before construction was started.

Jakarta, September 2000

Disusun sebagai persyaratan menyelesaikan Program Magister Teknik Sipil

Jurusan Teknik Sipil

Universitas Trisakti

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